Das März Heft

Two Düsseldorf artists bring their photo fanzines to the city's experimental music festival


A combination of experimental art and music, the Open Source Festival hits Düsseldorf this Saturday, and two of the city’s leading artists will be there peddling the latest issue of their notoriously coveted fanzines. Produced in limited edition, Issue #41—entitled “Das März Heft”&#8212comprises eight evocative images creators Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber shot in Japan last March. Out of their standard run of 105 copies, 15 pack an extra special punch accompanied by a clear vinyl record from Elektrohorror, a project by Düsseldorf musician Sven Vieweg.

Festival-goers that don’t get their hands on the special OSF issue can still take home a unique edition. Stuke and Sieber are bringing enough photographs with them for around 50 people to create their own zine. Once the fanzines sell out and the festival is over, they will release a final batch of 35 copies, still comprised of entirely different photos reflecting their time spent in Tokyo, Sendai and Osaka, which will also be available for purchase online.


The creative duo behind Germany’s subversive ANTIFOTO photo show (which this year included Jason Evans, Ted Partin and Olivier Cablat to name a few), Stuke and Sieber are known for their candid portraits and have an extensive roster of international exhibitions in their portfolio along with their self-published zines. Pick one up from their website for €65, where you can check out several other books and projects.