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Riposte Magazine


A creative publication celebrating smart women making the world a more interesting place, London-based Riposte Magazine follows a set format of “five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon” …

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Ten Calendars For 2010

For all the uses of a calendar—marking engagements, identifying days, counting down time and organizing schedules—digital might suffice but nothing beats the charm of a well-designed paper version. More than just a …

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Eighteen Accessories for Kids

Modern parenting means sorting through mountains of products and information that can keep you busier than the kids themselves do—often starting from when they're still in the womb. To help navigate the …

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Thanksgiving Cooking

Whether you're a consummate home chef or more of the reheat-and-serve school of cooking, having an arsenal of tools makes the daunting task of cooking a Thanksgiving meal easier and maybe even …

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Tea Time

I recently visited Zhejiang Province in China, home to the Dragon Well Tea, which has long been ranked first for Chinese teas in successive appraisals for its mild fragrance, clear brew and …