Getty Images Develops AI to Help Newsrooms

As newsrooms churn out stories quicker than ever, photo editors are tasked with putting in the final touches without much hesitation. To meet the content standards of modern audiences, and the pace of the content creators, Getty Images is developing an Artificial Intelligence that will present the most applicable images by simply scanning the text–no longer are strenuous searches required. When the AI finishes its search, it will present the images that match with the articles most weighted or repeated words (ie: names, places, events, etc.). Though robotizing this process sounds a bit dystopian, Getty says they are by no means trying to replace the human element of photo-editing: “And we’re leaving the editor to tell that story. We’re by no means picking the best image or saying, ‘This is the image you have to use,'” says Andrew Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Data and Insights at Getty.