Aerobiotix Aero One Air Purifier

A four-stage filtration process clean and disinfects air, fighting allergens, microbes and more

A cursory glance into purchasing an air purifier online reveals a world fraught with misinformation and tangled webs of false advertising and opinions. It’s almost impossible to figure out what works best and why, and it’s widely understood that there is no great resource to research the topic. Being a lifelong allergy sufferer, I had always relied on word of mouth, which in this case …


Formafantasma took on the daunting task of beautifying water filtration and succeeded to the extreme. The Still purifier combines an engraved crystal decanter with copper attachments and utilizes active charcoal to elevate humble drinking water to its proper stature. Picked by The Macallan Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno

Nava by Kor

Clean your water on the go with a built-in filter made from coconut shells

In follow up to the “perfect spout” built into their Vida water bottle, today California-based Kor released Nava, a new bottle that combines their signature mouth-friendly top with a slim filter built into the center of the bottle. Constructed from renewable coconut shells, which are converted into activated carbon, the filtration system opts for a more sustainable method than filters made from coal. Nava not …