Aerobiotix Aero One Air Purifier

A four-stage filtration process clean and disinfects air, fighting allergens, microbes and more


A cursory glance into purchasing an air purifier online reveals a world fraught with misinformation and tangled webs of false advertising and opinions. It’s almost impossible to figure out what works best and why, and it’s widely understood that there is no great resource to research the topic. Being a lifelong allergy sufferer, I had always relied on word of mouth, which in this case means: ask my dad. Having recently moved into a new apartment my search for a cream of the crop air purifier (to combat the residual cat dander from the previous tenants) was reignited. Having stumbled upon the Aerobiotix by chance, it’s turned out to be the best air purifier I have experienced.


Aerobiotix primarily operates as a manufacturer of air purification systems for the healthcare industry. Their other products are marketed for use to clean air inside of operating rooms. The same principles used in these larger systems are applied to the Aero One, their only consumer-facing air purification system. While utilizing a HEPA-type filter found in most contemporary air filtration systems, the Aero One includes three other filtration systems that aim not to simply remove particulate matter from the room, but to disinfect the air itself. The carbon pre-filter and HEPA filters remove odors and allergens while the built in 3D UV reactor uses UV-C irradiation to destroy any microorganisms or bio-aerosols in the environment.


With a single plug and a single switch, the Aero One is incredibly simple to use. I had been waking up for two weeks feeling congested and uncomfortable, but after plugging in the Aero One and flipping the switch, the next morning I was breathing easy. This high-tech filter may be on the boxy side—visually—but it is exceptionally effective. It is available for purchase from Aerobiotix for $899.

Images by Greg Stefano