Detroit Rave Flyers 1993-1999

Across 76 pages, this volume from collaborative publishing project Colpa Press acts as a mesmerizing archive of Detroit’s rave culture from 1993 to 1999. From sci-fi aesthetics to kawaii imagery, the collection’s varied and bold designs document an equally vibrant, thriving party scene in the birthplace of techno. Price is in Pounds.

NEW AGE: Stonehenge to Jungle

Artist, collector and founder of counter culture book fair Cultural Traffic, Toby Mott is better known as a punk expert than a rave historian, but for New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle, he traces UK rave, jungle, sound system and warehouse parties through flyers. With 575 flyers and other ephemera, as well as interviews and contributions from Alan Lodge, Chris Peckings, Dave Little, IXY, Joe Rush, …

NY Rave Flyers 1990-1995 Volume 2

From Luca Antonucci and David Kasprzak’s Colpa—a collaborative art practice, publishing house and curatorial team—comes NY Rave Flyers 1990-1995 Volume 2, a 76-page collection of clever, often colorful vintage imagery. Measuring 5.5 by 8.5 inches, the book acts as a design documentary of rave culture at the time, and the posters within the slender volume often surprise.