Foals: Exits

Drawn from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost—Part 1, the first of two albums Foals will release this year, “Exits” delivers a blistering blend of guitar, drum and electronic. A musical play between power and allure, the track comes with an otherworldly Albert Moya-directed music video. From fencing and blindfolds to a man on fire and a child rowing off in a lake, surrealist imagery collides with some …

Jack Bevan of Foals’ End of Summer Playlist for Cool Hunting

The Oxford band's drummer captures the mood for Labor Day weekend

Celebrating their new album release—What Went Down—and the Labor Day long weekend in the US, we asked Foals’ drummer Jack Bevan to make an end of summer playlist for Cool Hunting. As he explains, “In an end of summer playlist, I look for music which has a sadness in it. I always get sad about the summer ending, but I like to embrace it—it’s probably …

Foals: What Went Down

Since their global debut in 2008, English band Foals has released raucous, nuanced and thoughtful music worth moving one’s body to. Today, 28 August 2015, they’ve dropped their fourth full-length album, What Went Down, featuring 10 blistering tracks that unfold with power and potency. Title track “What Went Down” conveys the essence of what the album offers: angular, emotive force.