Resin “Table-Mates” Coasters

Created by renowned architect, urban planner and designer Gaetano Pesce for his 1998 Fish Design collection, the Table-Mates coasters are awash in endless color combinations and entrancing spherical patterns. Handmade from resin, the sets of two come in bold colorways (like turquoise and purple) and more subtle tones (like black and pale pink). Price is in Euros.

Out in the World With Gaetano Pesce

From pink foam buildings to couches that resemble jester hats, off-kilter chairs made of resin and wobbly vases, beloved Italian architect, designer and artist Gaetano Pesce expanded the world of design over his 50-year career to include unexpected materials and political and social commentary. Vibrant and inventive, Out in the World With Gaetano Pesce compiles the 82-year-old pioneer’s iconic and never-before-seen work with an essay …

Round Mirror

Beloved for his creative and bold use of color, Italian artist, architect and designer Gaetano Pesce has a particular fondness for viscous materials like resin. Created by Pesce for Fish Design, this large round mirror is handmade in Italy so each one will be slightly different. The two-tone object is practical but playful, and lends a little whimsy to the space in which it’s hung.