Green Escapes

Toby Musgrave’s Green Escapes is a 384-page guide to the world’s most secluded, tucked-away or “secret” gardens. Ranging from rooftop terraces to tiny parks, community gardens and more, the comprehensive list covers a vast number of open-to-the-public locations. It’s a thoughtful guide for those who want to visit gardens while traveling, or others simply exploring their own city.

Garden-in-a-Bag: Organic Mint

Good things come in small packages, and Potting Shed Creations has plenty of them. Their Garden-in-a-Bag range—complete with seeds for everything from cat grass to dill, plus growing medium and coconut husks for drainage—is a gift that encourages getting your hands dirty. Our seed of choice is mint (perfect for cooks and cocktail enthusiasts), which fills the air with a refreshing fragrance.

Flow: Honey From the Hive

Collect honey straight from your backyard without the beekeeping garb

Honey has historically been used to treat burns, cuts, allergies, stomach ailments and was even thought to improve general life expectancy by the ancient Greeks. Eating honey made locally is said to have the greatest immune and allergen benefits—and enjoying the natural sweetener straight from the hive has never been easier with Flow. Currently funding on Indiegogo, the Australian invention essentially taps the hive and …