Liba Watering Can

The Liba Watering Can from Copenhagen-based ferm LIVING is a modern, sculptural take on the useful gardening tool. Made from recycled post-consumer plastic, the vessel’s streamlined form holds five liters while adding a touch of elegance to any room or garden. It is available in black, white or olive.

Maria Korkeila Tool Belt

Maria Korkeila is a Finnish designer who crafts titillating and cheeky apparel. Partnering with Fiskars, a heritage Finnish gardenwear brand, Korekeila created a limited collection that blends gardening and streetwear and includes this tool belt. The utilitarian accessory features tear- and abrasion-resistant pockets, detachable pouches and an adjustable belt. It’s highly durable, made of nylon and sustainable apple-based leather.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Plant Parenthood

Ideas for green thumbs, plant killers, aspiring gardeners and anybody else who wants to be surrounded by lush, living and breathing plants

There’s nothing quite like a home garden—whether it’s on a vast estate with acres of redwoods, a courtyard with a blossoming jacaranda or in a tiny NYC apartment with a few monsteras. If you’re shopping for a green thumb who is creating, maintaining and enjoying their own personal jungle, our Plant Parenthood gift guide contains all kinds of ideas. From vases to propagation sets, seeds, tools, …