Gavin Turek feat. bLAck pARty: SLIDE

Singer-songwriter Gavin Turek has teamed up with singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer bLAck pARty (aka Malik Flint) for a duet called “SLIDE” that meshes together their lush disco and tropical funk styles seamlessly. Of the R&B tune, Turek says, “As an artist, it’s too easy to get discouraged by rejection in this process. Time continues to escape regardless, and you must choose to slide into the next …

Gavin Turek: Birdie Bees

Multi-talented Gavin Turek recently released the super-delightful song “Birdie Bees.” Her sweet vocals float across the groovy bass-line, and the track’s blend of funk, soul, R&B and pop charms. Produced by Chris Hartz, it ultimately uplifts the listener.