The Rise and Repercussions of Tactical Apparel

From outdoor gear to everyday apparel, tactical clothing has been growing more and more ubiquitous. At the same time, however, gun violence and armed militias have also been surging. The coinciding upticks prompt the question of whether they might be linked. To explore this, Gear Patrol’s Associate Editor (and CH alum) Evan Malachosky traces the style’s rise beginning with its origins when it was intended …

Develop Your Talents with the Help of the First-Ever #LiveThem Award

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Nobody is defined by just one thing—whether that’s their job, hobby, hometown—we’re all multi-faceted humans. But to pursue and successfully cultivating our full potential we need two things: motivation and resources. While we can’t be your life coach and help with the former; the latter is where the #LiveThem Award comes in. It’s a unique initiative from Gear Patrol, COOL HUNTING, and Rémy Martin® that …

Take Your Talents Further

Thanks to the first-ever $10,000 #LiveThem Award

Sponsored by Rémy Martin®

It’s tempting to define someone by a single detail—a job, hobby or hometown. Yet we all know there’s more to us than any one label. Successfully cultivating our full potential as diverse individuals requires two critical elements: motivation and resources. Solving the first part of that equation will always be up to you. But that second part is something we can help with. That’s the …