Études Studio on Crossing Creative Lines

Fashion, publishing, a creative agency and a new pop-up are all in a day's work for this hybrid collective

Crossing lines and breaking boundaries is nothing new in the creative community—in fact, it’s largely what the industry is built upon. Communications designers become brand engineers, painters design textiles and ceramicists dabble in industrial engineering. However, few manage to bridge so many fields quite like Études Studio. Founded in 2012, with offices in both Paris and New York City, the collective publishes its own books, …

Climate Changed

An expansive graphic novel-style analysis of the world's environmental woes and the policy action around them

Visual learners, rejoice. French artist and journalist Philippe Squarzoni—known for his celebrated non-fiction, graphic novel-style works on politics and human rights—lends his eye and storytelling panache to an extensive work on one of the world’s most significant and controversial issues: climate change. Inspired by both the scale and complexity of the issue, Squarzoni’s latest work “Climate Changed” is an addictive and personal account of the …

Land Rover and Simba Reach Malawi

First kisses, net neutrality, Bill Cunningham and more in our weekly look at the web

Land Rover and The Born Free Foundation have completed their impressive 4,900 mile trip from Belgium to Malawi, delivering a mistreated lion to the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. The courageous lion—named Simba—spent his early life in captivity, experiencing mistreatment across Europe, and will now be free to happily live out his days in a natural environment.