Light Prismatic Studio Tee

Dyed by hand in New York, Found My Animal’s cozy Studio Tee comes in various tie-dye patterns. Intended for all kinds of baby animals, though ideal for pet pooches, the lightweight shirts are available from XS (with an eight-inch length) to XXL (with a 22-inch length).

Big Picture Farms

Goat milk caramels from an artsy Vermont confectionary

Billed as a “farmstead confectionary,” Vermont’s Big Picture Farms is dedicated to recasting the sweet, velvety goodness of goat milk as candy. As founder Louisa Conrad explains, the short fatty acid chains found in goat’s milk make for a smoother taste in their caramels. Conrad runs the business with her husband Lucas Farrell, both trained artists who have since turned to goat farming, cheese-making and …