Living Moss in Goodyear’s Sustainable Tire Concept

A tire concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, Oxygene from Goodyear, proposes a ring of moss growing inside its sidewalls. Further, the entire tire will be 3D-printed from recycled tires. The goal here is to improve air quality for vehicles on the move, as the moss absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Learn more, and watch a video, over at PSFK.

Goodyear Redesigns the Wheel for Autonomous Vehicles

Preparing for a future when transportation is dominated by autonomous vehicles, Goodyear is literally reinventing the wheel. In a demo video, the tire brand unveils their new Eagle-360 concept tire, which could radically improve the way autonomous vehicles maneuver through roadways and parking lots. The concept wheel employs an axle-free, spherical design that allows the car body to hover above through magnetic levitation. Head to …