Pingbell Brings the Traditional Bike Bell To Present Day

More than a signal for alerting pedestrians, it's a device that tracks position

In bike-friendly cities, more often than not, one’s ride is stored in a sea of other bikes, or in the closest place available—which might not be the easiest to remember. One year ago, Amsterdam-based studio FROLIC proposed a simple solution: a discreet app-connected smart bicycle bell. After interest from buyers, manufacturers and even distributors, and six months of product development, they’ve just launched the result, …

Blunt + Tile Smart Umbrella

With an internet connection, this indestructible offering becomes hard to lose

Over the past few weeks we’ve toted around Blunt Umbrellas‘ latest offering, the Blunt XS_Metro + Tile. The brand initially drew attention for its sharp looks and patented indestructible design (the first patent on an umbrella sine 1922 except for the addition of vents in the ’80s), and since the team stepped up their game and partnered with GPS tracking app Tile. Blunt places the …

Ghostly GIFs

Vitra goes to Africa, the Indienet, a people's history of coffee and more in our look at the web this week

The dead come alive again, thanks to New York-based designer Kevin Weir’s artistic prowess (and hours and hours on Photoshop). Through his project The Flux Machine, he transforms old photos found in the Library of Congress into animated GIFs with a dark twist. These “shortest of stories” have careful pauses for a suspenseful effect—which isn’t commonly found among this medium.