“The Diviner’s Desk” Print

Melissa Brown’s ethereal paintings find the otherworldly in the ordinary, mixing different painting methods to obfuscate and reveal reality. Part of her process is divination, which is captured in “The Diviner’s Desk,” an edition of 25 prints with each artwork depicting a different reading. Composed of graphite on archival inkjet, these numbered and signed prints catalog the specific dates and times the readings took place, …

Perpetua Pencil

The Perpetua Pencil, made from 80% recycled graphite, is non-toxic and additive-free and even writes without a tip. Therefore, when users are finished with it, it can be recycle it in its entirety. Perpetua says that the graphite this pencil is made from material “recovered from industrial processes and that would otherwise be buried underground, in a landfill.” Price is in Euros.

Extra Large Graphite Stick

Made in Portugal at one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in Europe, this is an essential art supply for those who love to draw on paper.