2020 Planner + Gratitude Journal Bundle

Made in the USA, Ink+Volt’s 2020 planner and gratitude journal bundle aims to help organize one’s days, weeks and months—and one’s goals, intentions and perspective. The planner is wrapped in a soft-touch suede-like cover. Inside, the structure is broken down by month and week. The journal offers 60 blank daily entries and 10 weekly challenges. There are also surprising notes of inspiration peppered throughout.

The Thanksgiving Reader

Commence dinner a little differently this year with this collection of contemplative readings

We’re approaching that time of the year many people come to dread for its airport travel clogs and the political arguments that await at dinner. Thanksgiving is just T-minus 10 days and this year, entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin suggests a way to approach annual gatherings a little more consciously—and all it requires is access to a printer. The universal Thanksgiving Reader is a small …