Holiday Gift Guides 2021: $25 and Under

Starting at just a few dollars, more affordable presents for all occasions

Whether it’s shopping for family members, buying for friends, taking part in gift exchanges with colleagues, mailing presents across the world, attending festive parties, hosting dinners or traveling, the expense of the holiday season adds up. It’s just as important for everyone to feel comfortable and secure during this time as it is to try to bring joy to those around us. With that in …

Tsukemono Japanese Pickling Seeds Set

Tsukemono are preserved vegetables produced through a traditional Japanese process of pickling that inspires balance and connection to each meal. While these vegetables often appear on a small plate as a side to a main course, tsukemono are not an afterthought. Across all varieties, they pack a bounty of spicy, sweet or sour flavors that add depth to every dish. Sold by KonMari, this set …

3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

The Sill’s clever Soil Moisture Meter takes the guesswork out of watering and caring for plants. Using two 20cm probes and a light sensor with three calibration tables, the meter accurately tests the moisture, pH value and light level on flora growing both inside and outside. This handy tool helps prevent overwatering or over-exposure to sunlight, ensuring happy and healthy plants.