The BOA III is a whimsical, design-forward way to provide structural support to plants. Made from powder coated steel, the stake (which comes in lilac or blue) weaves and curves to mirror the flow and growth of vines—a delightful visual that doubles as playful home decor. Price is in Australian dollars.

Microgreens Grower Kit

Complete with soil, seeds and a tray, the Microgreens Grower kit comprises everything needed to start a mini indoor farm. Simply pour the soil to a one-inch thickness in the tray, sprinkle the microgreen seeds, water them thoroughly with a spray bottle and cover with the lid for the first three days. With watering daily, the seeds will begin to sprout and, after two weeks, …

Wally Eco Brick Red Wall Planter

Composed of BPA-free plastic drawn entirely from recycled milk jugs, WallyGro’s Wally Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter mounts to walls with an easy-to-affix bracket (included). It holds roughly 15 cups of soil and one six-inch plant—and can be paired with other vertical garden planters. This iteration comes in many colors, though our choice is Brick Red (aka Pantone 491 C).