Designer Greg Lauren on Sustainability, Access + His Eponymous Label

From sourcing vintage garments to embracing more sustainable practices, the 10-year-old brand continues to evolve

Greg Lauren has embarked upon many creative endeavors in his time—from acting to painting—but for years now he’s been immersed in his eponymous label, which produces ready-to-wear items rooted in respect for artistry, passion for vintage, dedication to upcycling, delighting in imperfection and the belief that true style is inherently personal. The LA-based brand just released its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, “Deconstructing Americana,” and Lauren says that …

Scraps Throw

Greg Lauren makes chic Japanese-inspired clothes from vintage garments he’s collected over many years. No scraps are wasted, so if they’re not usable in another garment they’re sewn in to fabric sheets to be used some other way. Lauren’s “Scraps” throws are made from those sheets, and backed with sherpa wool for extra warmth and coziness.