Sophina DeJesus’ Viral Gymnastics Routine

With her teammates cheering her every step (and leap) of the way, UCLA’s Sophina DeJesus (a 21-year-old sociology major) has performed a super-playful and very viral gymnastics routine that has the world watching over and over again. Her hip-hop-inspired moves aren’t traditional of floor routines and that is exactly why it’s so enjoyable to watch—not to mention how much fun she is having herself.


Ditch bulky mats for these slip-resistant gloves designed for on-the-go yogis

While shooting a yoga video at a cattle ranch in the Southwest, Jamie Getzwiller realized her colleagues were unable to maintain proper posture on the Navajo rugs they were using. The upshot was Yoga-Paws, fingerless gloves that allow you to get your downward dog on anywhere, on any surface. The accessory doesn’t just stabilize and provide support with its nonslip grip, it also offers extra …