Haich Ber Na: 0594 Help

Industrial and avant-garde, Haich Ber Na’s new single “0594 Help” dissects the emotions that come with separation. It’s about “someone leaving and desperately wanting to be with them, but trying to understand ‘it’s not the end of the world’—like the sample I use says,” Haich Ber Na (aka Harrison Bernard) explains. In the accompanying visual treatment, filmed inside a box backed by six flashing LEDs, …

Haich Ber Na: By Floras

London-based recording artist Haich Ber Na explores a new sonic realm on “By Floras.” Glitchy and intergalactic yet delicate, the track mixes elements from Ber Na’s 2019 EP, Everywhere’s Home, but proves much more pop-oriented. The song incorporates many of the celestial elements he’d teased with previous releases, while lyrically he addresses an ever-growing distance between himself and a friend.