Hand Soap and Dish

To limit single-use plastic, the brand by Humankind delivers their rich, concentrated hand soap—which comes in tea tree, grapefruit or lavender—with an accompanying bacteria- and mold-resistant dish. Your first order will arrive with both products, but those that follow include just the soap. by Humankind’s cold-processed and cured cubes contain a higher amount of glycerin (the moisturizing agent in soap) and boast a greater density, …

Orange Slice Foaming Hand Wash

From Method’s Women in Design Limited Edition Collection, made in partnership with the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, this Orange Slice Foaming Hand Wash pairs refreshing citrus scents with a sunny pattern from Barbara White. The artist’s “Cosmic Waves,” from which the soap vessel print was drawn, is a part of Cooper Hewitt’s permanent collection. The collection also features the work of Marguerita Mergentime and Ilonka Karasz.

Welcome Soap

Shaped like a freshwater bream, this Welcome Soap is moulded with a Kashigata, and replicates the popular fish-shaped Taiyaki cake. Available in three colors, each one boasts a different fragrance: red is pomegranate, white is lily blossom, and black is brown sugar. With lovely, minimal packaging, this soap-on-a-rope is made in Japan.