Mini Daisy Studs

Natasha Ghosn’s jewelry and fragrance line, MONDO MONDO, blends mythological inspiration and traditional craft with contemporary charm to make timeless pieces. The brand’s 14k yellow gold Mini Daisy studs are dainty (measuring about 6.5mm) with a vintage feel. The handcrafted pieces are sold as singles or in pairs.

Essene Recycled Silver Earrings

Loveness Lee’s Essene Earrings are a modern take on ancient skeletal textures and historic ideals of beauty, drawing on the raw forms and materials used to make jewelry 115,000 years ago. These asymmetrical pieces are handcrafted in London, using certified recycled sterling silver, freshwater rice pearls, marine-grade nylon and synthetic post-stoppers. While they evoke the elegance and simplicity of the past, the Essene earrings reflect …

Studio Visit: Andrew Pearce Bowls

Five years after opening, they're now the world's largest producer of hand-turned wooden bowls

Just off Route 4 in Taftsville, Vermont, in the shadow of the state’s lush greenscape, Andrew Pearce converts rugged, earthy trees into ornate bowls and kitchen accessories. His father, Simon Pearce, owns a self-titled operation, too—a company that makes glassware, glass accessories and other home goods. Admittedly, Andrew learned a lot of what he knows now from his father, a goldmine of a mentor. “It …