T.T. Trunks

Truly luxurious storage boasting creative use of space and integrated gadgetry


The storage trunk is an object that exudes nostalgia; sepia-toned images of extravagant rail travel or a dusty box full of sentimentalities come to mind. T.T. Trunks, however, are crafted to make memories, rather than to store them. Boasting a most creative use of space with specialized drawers and integrated gadgetry, a T.T. Trunk would easily be at home in a parlor fit for James Bond.


T.T. Trunks are crafted from beginning to end at the company’s workshop in Alicante, the center of Spanish leather goods manufacturing. Each trunk is made to order, passing through the hands of the same five craftsmen, all with a particular creative expertise; with each model consisting of highly detailed, intricate design, there is no doubt that this specialization is necessary. The Lounge Trunk, for instance, is an entertainment hub in and of itself, complete with Nespresso machine, silent refrigerator, Sonos speaker and USB ports, and replete with storage for glasses, mugs and flatware. All of this is housed in coated canvas with cowhide leather finishing, microfiber lining to protect contents, and hand-polished, nickel-plated brass for metallic components.

On the more traditional side, T.T. Trunks makes travel and weekend boxes sized for more regular use. Still, these travel cases house their own unconventional details; the Dandy Travel Trunk holds a poker set and Spanish cedar cigar box, while the Mademoiselle Weekender keeps precious items secure with its intuitively-designed jewelry and makeup drawers. All designs are customizable, with choice of color for both exterior and interior, in addition to special embroideries, hot stamping and metal etching by request.

T.T. Trunks are available at Crest & Co, with prices starting at $4,370. Bespoke items are available upon request.

Images courtesy of T.T. Trunks