Liquid Sunshine Preserved Lemon Crush

Whether combined with olive oil to create a drizzle, added to marinades or used in any number of recipes, Liquid Sunshine—a preserved lemon concentrate—adds zest, zing and brightness to any meal. Made by Maine-based Rhea Goods (run by Abbye Churchill), the condiment comprises lemons, chilis and various flavorful spices.

Studio Visit: Jewelry Brand Haricot Vert

Collage informs these whimsical accessories, handmade in this NYC-based studio

A modest, blue-toned apartment in Ridgewood, Queens currently doubles as a studio for the whimsical independent jewelry brand Haricot Vert. Inside the living-room-turned-workspace, founder Kelsey Armstrong pairs vintage Monopoly pieces, miniature cutlery and other found objects with her signature picto-charms—tiny photos turned into glazed pendants that Armstrong crafts by hand. Owned, operated and made almost entirely by the founder (save for the occasional assistant), Haricot …

Bucatini Candle Holder

Curiosity is at the heart of (a.o.t), a Copenhagen-based conceptual design studio run by Kathrine Barbro Bendixen and Mathias Kruse Jørgensen. For their Primi collection, the duo explored the history and versatility of aluminum through handcrafted objects, including the striking Bucatini Candle Holder. Sculptural and winding, the holder’s material is bent and shaped into an otherworldly form. Available in green, red, beige and silver, the …