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Jill Platner


Courtesy of Jill Platner

From CH fave Jill Platner’s latest collection, Calypso, this piece features three nested hammered sterling silver circles strung on a 17” crocheted Gor-tex cord. It’s handmade in NYC and like all of …

The Series



From The Series (founded and designed by Ella Wiznia), these scarves are one of a kind, handmade and embody the brand’s “granny” style. Crafted from vintage crochet blankets, acrylic blend yarn and …

Commune Design + Studio Ford

Commune Dog Bed


Handmade by artisans in Rajasthan, India, the Commune Dog Bed is a collaboration between Commune Design and Studio Ford. The bed’s 100% cotton cover is reversible—with a cactus flower pattern on one side and …

Eleni Kontos

Custom Portrait


Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos crafts custom clay portraits in fun, off-kilter, cartoon styles. Each sculpture features a small hollow body (measuring around four to five inches in height), a detachable topper head …

Kate Rohde

Chrysanthemum Bowl


Australian artist Kate Rohde (represented by Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne and Culture Object in NYC) creates wildly colorful, playful objects with resin. With an appearance like an artifact from a …

Colette Bream

Crochet Knit Squeaky Toy


Handmade in Annapolis, Maryland by Collette Bream, this dog toy is crocheted with 100% merino wool, using extra strands to increase durability. Shaped like a hot dog, cactus or sausage link, the …