White Sage + Eucalyptus Bundle

Sustainably sourced and with a 100% organic cotton fiber wrapping, this white sage and eucalyptus can be used to cleanse spaces, objects and even people. More than a hippie ritual or a home fragrance, white sage is historically healing and burning it (in the correct way) can lead to feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. The eucalyptus will offer fresh energy. Be sure to extinguish in an …

Lip + Skin Balm

Just reading the ingredients in RMS Beauty’s Lip and Skin Balm—each one is selected for healing and restorative properties—gives you an idea of just how creamy and wonderful it is for your winter salve. Organic vanilla gives a gentle scent when blended with a range of oils including coconut, sunflower, and jojoba; and butters like shea and cocoa.

Grid STK Foam Roller

Anyone with so much as a knot can tell you how to roll it out and hurt so good with the Trigger Point Grid STK. Your muscles with thank you, but not after a little whining first.