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Xango Mangosteen Juice

A juice harnessing the antioxidant-rich benefits of the mangosteen fruit


Wellness-focused organization Xango creates healthy products to enhance and balance the modern lifestyle. Their nutritional mangosteen juice taps into the benefits of the fabled Asian mangosteen, an antioxidant-rich tropical fruit.

Unlike many fruits, the mangosteen retains a majority of its healthy benefits in the pericarp (its skin). Full of xanthones, the pericarp helps neutralize free radicals, in turn offering a powerful boost to the immune system. To make the bitter skin palatable, XanGo blends both the skin and the fruit into a juice.

mangosteen-6.jpg mangosteen-5.jpg

While still undergoing intense research, the mangosteen could potentially help reduce cholesterol and heart disease and improve joint movement and the intestinal system. Whether Xango is the next miracle fruit or just another false hope, testimonials to its ability to cure chronic problems abound.

XanGo’s mangosteen juice sells from Amazon for a hefty $45 a bottle.


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