The Watercolor Pre-Roll

Devambez—the accoladed royal stationer operating in France since 1826—collaborated with artisanal dyer Audrey Louise Reynolds to create a vibrant and mesmerizing collection of pre-rolls. Each organic, unbleached hemp paper is hand-painted with abstract renditions of sunsets and landscapes using Reynolds’ foraged ingredients, leaving lasting color without any additional flavors. Bewitching and unique, these pre-rolls blend nature, art and cannabis (which does not come included).

Extra Lit Shrimp Chips

New from Potli, these Extra Lit Shrimp Chips are a zesty take on a classic treat. Salty but sweet, with a kick of heat—thanks to the brand’s trademark Mala Spice blend with Sichuan peppercorn—these snacks are also infused with CBD to help quell anxiety.

Hemp Mylk Concentrate

Not only is hemp milk among the most sustainable plant milks available, it’s also high in protein and good fats, and low in carbs. Unlike lots of other hemp milks, Goodmylk doesn’t use any additives like binders, fillers or gums—only 100% organic ingredients. Available in two flavors, in packs of two or six, this Hemp Mylk Concentrate is easy to use (just thaw, add water, …