Hennessy Black Brunch Martini

A refreshing, zesty take on a classic for weekend sipping

Sponsored by Hennessy Black

While Hennessy might be a recognizable brand, many of us aren’t aware of the cognac’s nuances—or remain wary of cognac in general due to a lack of understanding. On a recent summer afternoon, the team at CH learned that Hennessy Black (which launched back in 2010) is more than a smooth and intense drink to sip neat—it’s also ideal for mixing (or even replacing your …

Hennessy Black Flor de Jamaica Cocktail

A nuanced summer drink in which hibiscus meets cognac

Sponsored by Hennessy Black

There’s immediate brand recognition when people hear the name Hennessy. For many generations, the brand has been associated with a refined sipping experience. Yet not everybody is aware that Hennessy is a cognac—and that cognac is a region-specific brandy that’s been twice-distilled from select grape varietals. Observing the brown spirit surge and an increased interest in thoughtful drinks, we delved in and learned about Hennessy’s …