Dream Spray

Made with tinctures of mugwort, Pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil and California poppy, Dream Spray promotes sleep, relaxation and (as its name implies) dreams. Each ingredient comes from ethically gathered and organically cultivated plants, and the formula also includes essential oils, grain alcohol and water. Simply spritz onto pillows before bed to encourage restful slumber or even on clothing to support meditation and creativity.

Ah! Calm + Clarity Tincture

Latinx- and Black-owned CBD brand Xula produces a tincture meant to provide a sense of focus and relaxation all at once. Aptly called Ah!, the blend aids in bodily relaxation through a careful concoction of herbs, hemp, oils, and dried flowers. There’s 1000mg of CBD and 150mg of CBG present in the entire bottle, and doses includes 33mg and 5mg of each, respectively. Together, they …

Root + Spring’s Herbal Teas and Soups

A family company introducing traditional Chinese medicine to more mouths

If you live in a metropolis big enough to have its own Chinatown, chances are, you’ll know the feeling of walking through those streets, wondering what those boxes of ginseng and various powders in the herbal shops can really do for you. The practice of traditional Chinese medicine is literally ancient compared to the trendy green juices, adaptogens, and bone broths that have become a …