Root + Spring’s Herbal Teas and Soups

A family company introducing traditional Chinese medicine to more mouths

If you live in a metropolis big enough to have its own Chinatown, chances are, you’ll know the feeling of walking through those streets, wondering what those boxes of ginseng and various powders in the herbal shops can really do for you. The practice of traditional Chinese medicine is literally ancient compared to the trendy green juices, adaptogens, and bone broths that have become a regular morning routine for many (or at least on Instagram)—but the cultural hurdle can be real and intimidating. Helping introduce herbal soups and teas to the curious is Root + Spring, a new venture from a family that’s been specializing in herbal remedies for seven generations.

Root + Spring aims to make products more accessible by carefully explaining all the benefits of their soups (and tea) blends—from boosting your immune system, to reducing inflammation, aiding memory and more—along with describing each ingredient’s traditional Chinese medicinal properties. Even if you’re wary of such immunity-enhancing claims, what’s undeniable is that these Root + Spring mixes make it very simple to make nutritious soup with delicious, complex flavors. (You’ll never be able to go back to bouillon cubes and pre-packaged broth). Their Herbal Soup Mix for Good Health and Immunity, for example, becomes a base for next-level chicken noodle soup with aromatics you didn’t even realize you were missing out on.

Similarly, their small-batch teas are made from 100% fresh and sustainably grown Chinese medicinal herbs, and are free of all additives and preservatives. Just so you know: It might be impossible to go back to your sad tea bags filled with unidentifiable powder after one sip of slow-simmered goji berries and jujubes (aka red dates) that’s supposed to invigorate your qi and blood. And Root + Spring is one such place to begin exploring the possibilities “outside” the tea bag.

Peruse Root + Spring’s herbal soup mixes and teas online; they also stock popular Chinese brands of supplements and teas beyond their own sets.

Images courtesy of Root + Spring