Word of Mouth: Scottsdale

Architectural wonders, dining concepts, expeditions in the sky and hikes across the desert landscape

Settled in a picturesque portion of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona‘s sunny days and year-round warmth have attracted visitors (and transplants) for decades now. Though its reputation may be wrapped up in its award-winning golf courses, Scottsdale excels in many other alluring areas. Its dynamic, international food scene continues to advance. Notable design hotels now pop up in various neighborhoods. And, among the exquisite natural …

Artist Doug Aitken’s Mirror-Surfaced Hot Air Balloon

Set to travel from Martha’s Vineyard to the Berkshires, a mirrored hot air balloon will reflect Massachusetts back upon itself this July. As part of Doug Aitken’s “New Horizon” public art installation, commissioned by the oldest land trust in the world (known as the Trustees), the nomadic sculpture will tether at site-specific, art-oriented celebrations. The flight path of the mylar-covered aircraft will also grant many of …

Balloon 3 Mobile

Adding whimsy to any room, designer Christian Flensted’s “Balloon 3” mobile takes inspiration from the vibrant Montgolfieres of the 18th century and the modern hot air balloons of today. Constructed from cardboard, the colorful cut-outs enchant little ones and encourage them to reach for the skies. A plate depicting famous balloons from history is also included for a bit of education.