Tucked Inside Detroit’s Wurlitzer Building: The Siren Hotel

Old world splendor at the center of the cultural resurgence

Set in the renowned, and incredibly-refurbished, Wurlitzer Building in downtown Detroit, The Siren is a hotel draped in old-world pleasures, both sensory and indulgent. An ode to the Greek mythology that adorns the city’s most prominent architecture, those behind The Siren intend for this space to become a symbol of rejoice and recollection—of spirits and, most particularly, the musical spirit that still inhabits this famous building. The …

Road Trip: LA to Santa Barbara

We use Silvercar's seamless service to explore some gems along the Californian coast

Presented by Silvercar

California’s coast offers so many types of adventure as it stretches from the warm Baha border through the crisp cutoff of Oregon’s forests. Yet there’s nothing quite so alluring as the lush, beachy mid-section of the state: California’s central coast, an area ripe for road tripping along the famed 101 Freeway and Pacific Coast Highway. When traveling north from Los Angeles, the central coast offers …


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