How To Dress Well: Vacant Boat

From How To Dress Well’s (aka Tom Krell) The Anteroom comes a video treatment for “Vacant Boat.” Directed by Justin Daashuur Hopkins in collaboration with NOH/WAV, the video offers a frenzy of images juxtaposed by static depictions of decay, while a blue-lit Krell echoes the song’s verses. Psychedelic, glitchy and ambient all at once, HTDW fans won’t be disappointed.

How To Dress Well: Nonkilling 6 | Hunger

A pulsing collaboration between How To Dress Well‘s Tom Krell, visual artist Justin Daashuur Hopkins and Hopkins’ art collective NOH/WAVE, the just-released video for “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger” offers an intimate, amorphous depiction of the singer/songwriter/producer. The track will appear on the next How To Dress Well album, The Anteroom,out 19 October. It’s Krell’s fifth studio album under the moniker and he describes it to Pitchfork as “a passage into …


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Alexis Taylor: I Never Lock That Door Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has just released the video for his track “I Never Lock That Door” from his third solo album Piano. Directed by Simon Owens, the video is made up of many stills of Taylor mid-air, captured by 170 pinhole cameras. It’s a beautifully minimal love song—opening with just Taylor’s vocals and a piano and building …