43,900-Year-Old Cave Art Depicts Ancient Hunting Scene

Predating the next oldest depiction of a human/animal hunting scene by 4,000 years, this 43,900-year-old scene painted on cave walls on Sulawesi (an island in central Indonesia) is now believed to be the oldest—and includes one of the most complex discoveries yet. It reshapes our long-held conceptions about the practice of hunting by depicting therianthropes, predominantly human figures with a distinguishing animal feature. In this …

Harrison & Bartleet Hook Clip by Mollyjogger

Deep in the Ozark Mountains, field and stream expert Rick Stagner refashions a fishing hook into a multifunctional clip

by Madison Kahn Outdoor retail expert Rick Stagner worked with Eddie Bauer for 18 years before opening his own authentic field and stream brand nearly a year ago, in August 2012. Based in the Ozark Mountains, Mollyjogger celebrates the Midwestern region’s rich recreational history and folklore, with everything from hatchets and make-your-own-knife kits to hand-printed T-shirts and fishing journals. The name Mollyjogger came from the …

Ultra HD Compact Folding Roof Prism Binoculars

A leader in sporting optics, Bushnell’s ultra compact binoculars pack the same quality as their more intricate designs but in a lightweight, foldable construction perfect for taking to the ballpark or on your next hike. The wide field of view makes it easier to track fast-moving objects, and RainGuardHD keeps the lenses clear even during unexpected rain delays.