Acorn Vase

In addition to their best-selling Avocado Vase range (which includes a lush emerald green iteration), London-based Ilex Studio has introduced a smaller root-magnifying vessel intended for acorn growth. This bulbous glass vase allows plant enthusiasts to nurture and observe the development of a little oakling’s expanding root system and sprouting leaves. Made in the UK, the Acorn Vase comes in a MoMA exclusive pink colorway.

Emerald Green Avocado Vase

From the imaginative plant enthusiasts at London-based Ilex Studio comes the newest iteration of their beloved root-magnifying vessel line: the Avocado Vase in Emerald Green. From the clarity of its minimal design to the simple nature of the growth process it supports, the Avocado Vase can enable anyone with an interest in sprouting a bit of flora at home. Price is in Pounds.

Ilex Studio’s Root-Magnifying Avocado Vase

Observe the beloved plant as it sprouts in both directions

Most vases celebrate everything that sprouts upward (stems, leaves and flowers) but London-based Ilex Studio designs glassware that emphasizes the beauty of what’s below, too. From their debut product, the Acorn Vase, to the elegant new Avocado Vase, the brand encourages appreciation of an entire plant and green growth at home. Both vases act as a visually pleasing incubator, and the plant that stretches from within …