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The Sill

Small Hanging Grow Light


Glowing with a precise photosynthetic spectrum that’s beneficial to plants, Soltech Solutions’ Hanging Grow Light supports indoor gardening in areas with lower sunlight. The smaller iteration of this luminous system (which includes …


Microgreens Grower Kit


Complete with soil, seeds and a tray, the Microgreens Grower kit comprises everything needed to start a mini indoor farm. Simply pour the soil to a one-inch thickness in the tray, sprinkle …

Holistic Habitat

Spritzer All-In-One Watering Can


This retro-styled, multi-functional watering can is designed to provide solutions and simplify plant care. On one end, an extra-thin and long spout makes getting into hard-to-reach spots easy; on the other, a …

The Sill

3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter


The Sill’s clever Soil Moisture Meter takes the guesswork out of watering and caring for plants. Using two 20cm probes and a light sensor with three calibration tables, the meter accurately tests …

Instant Plant Food

Indoor + Houseplant Fertilizer


Made in the US, these odorless, small-batch plant food tablets provide the essential nutrients and trace micronutrients required for a healthy indoor garden. Convenient and versatile, Instant Plant Food sources ingredients from …


Germination + Propagation Set


Comprised of one small porcelain plate (for growing small flower bulbs, plant cuttings and more) and one large plate (for avocado pits, bigger flowers and succulents), this handcrafted porcelain germination set also comes with …

Lettuce Grow

The Farmstand + Glow Rings


Lettuce Grow’s design-friendly and tech-forward hydroponic Farmstand system makes growing fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and herbs at home easy—using 95% less water than traditional gardening along the way. Each Farmstand (which comes …


Steward: Plant Care Customized


Steward’s handy iOS app addresses the complexities of plant care. For $15 monthly (or $120 annually) you have access to the app’s numerous abilities: to identify plants, learn their care requirements, diagnose …