Intern Magazine

Showcasing the work of the unpaid and underpaid along with inciting a debate over hierarchies in the creative workplace

Getting your foot in the door in the creative industry is not an easy feat. With economic fluctuations in recent years and people retiring later and later, paid opportunities for recent graduates are harder to come by. Far from accepting an unpaid fate forever, Manchester-based Alec Dudson started Intern Magazine to both showcase the work of interns across creative fields and also spark a debate …

Cool Hunting Video: Satya Twena Hats

Keeping traditional hat-making alive at a recently revitalized milliner in NYC

When in Manhattan’s Garment District recently, we toured a traditionally run hat factory that’s dedicated to truly handmade, local products. Guided by owner and milliner Satya Twena—who raised enough money to save the factory from closing just a few months prior to our visit—we learned how each of her hats is made using old-school methods involving blocking, steam and rope.