Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design’s Approachable Ethos Proves “Art is for Everyone”

An Iowa-based cultural epicenter that pays artists fairly and on time, provides free art education and more

To the uninitiated, Iowa—with its abundance of corn fields and pig farms—may seem like the last place to give rise to a thrilling art scene. But, as it turns out, the Midwest’s welcoming attitude makes for an ideal hub for artists and art enthusiasts, and Des Moines’ bubbling art scene is evidence of that. At the center of this growing art community is Liz Lidgett …

Fringe Mirror

Made by Iowa-based Candice Luter, this Fringe Mirror exudes playful sophistication. Crafted from brass, fringing and an arch-shaped mirror, it’s part practical piece and part room accent. With options for mirror tints (standard, smoke or bronze) and fringe options (ivory, black, block color or even custom hues), there are plenty of options with one certain to enhance your current decor.