Rexford Utility Tool Seigaiha Pattern

Legendary knife-designer Todd Rexford’s latest exclusive multi-tool collaboration with Urban EDC Supply features a Japanese “Seigaiha” pattern, custom-machined by Rexford himself. The slender titanium item features a blade, hex tool, flathead screwdriver and pry bar—and a bottle opener. Measuring 3.5 inches, it can be stowed away just about anywhere.

Futagami’s Elegant Brass Hardware Comes to NYC

It's all in the little details

We’ve had our eye on NYC lifestyle boutique Nalata Nalata (located off the 2nd Avenue F stop) for some time. A glimpse at their stocked wares reveals the storytelling mission of co-founders Stevenson Aung and Angélique Chmielewski (Nalata Nalata is an acronym of the nicknames of Aung’s three sisters: NaNa, LangLang and TangTang). “We curate products that fit with our lifestyle and interests. As designers …

Nendo’s Minimalist Cubic Pet Goods

A multi-use bed, bowl and toys from the Japanese design company

The latest offerings from prolific and influential Japanese design studio Nendo, helmed by Oki Sato, is for our furry friends. Designed in the same vein as 2013’s geometric collection—created for Japanese lifestyle magazine PEN—the new Cubic Pet Goods focus on blending with home interiors and being as useful as possible. Eschewing the round and ostentatious, which describe the plentiful options at pet stores, the Cubic …