Hand-Dyed Indigo Uchiwa Fan

From Tokushima, Japan-based Awagami, a washi brand run by the Fujimori family, comes a lovely Uchiwa fan—a traditional Japanese non-folding fan whose style dates back to the 14th century. Hand-dyed with indigo in an ombre pattern by Awagami artisans, it’s made from kozo paper and bamboo.

Gift Classic

Bokksu (founded in 2016 by Danny Taing) seeks to empower traditional snack-makers in Japan by including them in gift boxes—which come in three-, six- or 12-month subscription options. Containing premium and delectable teas and treats that are carefully chosen to pair well and to fit within a central theme, each package comprises around 20 candies, nibbles and drinks from centuries-old, family-owned companies and contemporary small …

Natural Wool Cap

Handmade in Japan by a master milliner that studied hat-making under legendary designer Jean Barthet, this natural-hued wool cap comes equipped with antimicrobial features and a unique softness—afforded by a process that uses untreated material exclusively. The resulting fit is looser and more unstructured but far more comfortable. FEIT worked closely with the milliner through each step of the process.