“Colors” Skateboard

From artist and skateboarder Jeffrey Cheung—who runs There Skateboards, an offshoot of  the SF-based collective Unity which represents and supports queer skaters—this “Colors” deck features his signature figurative art. Available in two sizes (8.25 or 8.5 inches), this skateboard has been made and designed with all types of skaters in mind.

Limited Edition Riso Print

Another limited edition print from Oakland-based painter, musician, founder of queer skateboarding collective Unity and CH favorite, Jeffrey Cheung, this piece depicts five people, tangled together in the artist’s familiar style. Their off-kilter proportions and smiling faces provide each individual with even more character, and their intertwining limbs create a combined sense of tenderness and playfulness. This print measures 11 by 17 inches.

adidas Skateboarding + UNITY Collaboration Collection

Representing, supporting and celebrating the queer skate community

Jeffrey Cheung—an artist, activist and skateboarder—co-founded UNITY with Gabriel Ramirez in order to represent, support and celebrate queer skaters within a culture historically infamous for its homophobic tendencies. The skate collective organizes skate days that create safe spaces for people of all sexual orientation, gender, color, age and ability; give away decks to queer people of color; and mobilize the community for skate protests—not to …