Artist Jim Campbell’s LED Matrix and Low-Resolution Video Works

Using technology to strip away excess detail but still convey movement and emotion

Presented by the New Range Rover Velar

How do you perceive the world around you? Your senses provide information for you to process, and in perfect conditions it’s a pretty easy task. But often you are in a situation in which you may only have a split second, where it’s too bright or too dark, when you aren’t wearing your glasses, where you may be too near or too far, where sound …

Craig Dorety: Division

Light animation sculptures inspired by ocular migraines that examine our visual limits

Opening on Saturday, 19 April 2014 at Oakland’s Johansson Projects is an exhibition of hypnotic sculpture animations that will have your eyes watering—after you realize you haven’t blinked in a few minutes. In “Division,” San Francisco-based artist Craig Dorety is examining visual limits and perception, bringing our own neurological shortcomings to our attention. Dorety isn’t a typical visual artist; he chose to study mechanical engineering …

Charged: Jim Campbell in NYC

The artist brings his sculptural LED "light films" to New York, taking over museums, galleries and ballets

While the boundaries between contemporary art and technology have grown increasingly blurry—thanks to everything from biologically-inspired knitted structures to oil that “defies” gravity—there are, surprisingly, only a handful of artists who delve deep into the specs and circuits of light technology. One of them is Jim Campbell. Equipped with a degree in electrical engineering and mathematics from MIT, the San Francisco-based artist employs video, light …