Jen Stark’s Swirling, Color-Soaked “Cascade” at The William Vale

6,000 square feet of dreamy immersive art and interactive installations

Extended through 7 November, the immersive exhibition Cascade: A Jen Stark Experience populates 6,000 square feet of space at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s The William Vale with swirling rainbow patterns, charming projection-mapped icons, dripping and drizzling digital walls and so much more. Stark’s four uniquely artistic rooms and two moving murals come to life thanks to cutting-edge technology. Produced by Art Market Productions in partnership with Joshua Liner Projects and United …

An Editorial Daycathlon with Gillette

Ten stops in the average day of CH editor David Graver

Sponsored by Gillette

I do not grow facial hair like an average adult—and I’m not sure I ever will. Patches emerge over extended days, still leaving broad strips of hair-free skin. During a regular day of desk sides, edit meetings, gallery visits and after-work cocktails (with generally 10 stops every single day) it’s increasingly important that I start my day with a shave. It’s not only normalizing, it’s …

Michael Kagan’s “Lights Out” at Joshua Liner Gallery

Oil-on-linen works that evoke great heights, moments and speed

In each and every one of Michael Kagan‘s oil-on-linen works displayed at Joshua Liner Gallery, human triumph is celebrated. Thick, abstract brushstrokes yield figurative images—sometimes of rapid motion, sometimes of thoughtful serenity—that convey accomplishment. This is Kagan’s second solo exhibition at the NYC gallery, and it has progressed beyond the stoic astronauts and nuanced cockpits of his previous show (though, those can be seen here, …