Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Raving to create renewable energy, designing for people with color blindness, understanding each human's baseline smell and more from around the internet

Insect-Based Pet Food Could Help Curb Climate Change The way we eat undoubtedly needs to be transformed in order to curb climate change, but one area of the food system that’s often overlooked pertains to the “carbon pawprint”—aka pet food. A 2020 study by researchers based in the UK and Germany discovered that the pet food industry emits “as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere …

Giorgia Lupi’s Entire Life as Data in a Moleskine Notebook

Data-obsessed designer and artist Giorgia Lupi has reimagined journaling in her glorious Book of Life—three deconstructed and then reconstructed Moleskine notebooks with colorful stitches, notes and numbers documenting her existence since her birth. White stitches represent days (a total of 14,496) while green stitches represent the first day of each year. But special events and emotions are also noted here—from professional successes to heartbreak. As …

Geometric Globe

Made from paper and cotton in Italy, this geometric world globe stands 12 inches tall after home assembly. The black and white 3D map comes complete with 50 red marker pins so you can track your travels across the world, or your dream destinations. Printed with non-toxic inks, it’s also ideal as an inspirational tool for kids.