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Giorgia Lupi’s Entire Life as Data in a Moleskine Notebook

Data-obsessed designer and artist Giorgia Lupi has reimagined journaling in her glorious Book of Life—three deconstructed and then reconstructed Moleskine notebooks with colorful stitches, notes and numbers documenting her existence since her birth. White stitches represent days (a total of 14,496) while green stitches represent the first day of each year. But special events and emotions are also noted here—from professional successes to heartbreak. As Dalia Al-Dujaili writes for It’s Nice That, “A yellow stitch marks a life achievement, a dark blue stitch represents travel, a red stitch is love and fittingly, two red stitches forming a cross is a break up, whilst a black cross symbolizes a loss.” The remarkable book is now part of the Moleskine Foundation’s collection of artist’s notebooks, which now comprises 1,300 donated books and is free to access online. Find out more at It’s Nice That.

Image courtesy of Giorgia Lupi

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