Road Trip: Kauai

Some of the most sublime spots on Hawaii's Garden Isle

Referred to as the Garden Isle, Kauai‘s consummate beauty is measured by some of the most dramatic scenery in the world—let alone the Pacific. With emerald rainforests, magnificent waterfalls and towering sea cliffs, the Hawaiian island has created its own uniquely laid-back vibe within an archipelago that has perfected the art. And, as the oldest island in Hawaii, Kauai has a deeply spiritual and mystic …

Word of Mouth: Kauai Adventures

An island that's as free-range for humans as it is for its iconic wild chickens

Five minutes after landing on Kauai, you spot one: a colorful, carefree chicken that, strutting around aimlessly in the rental car parking lot, defines free-range. The sighting seems novel at first, but here the bucolic bird is almost as ubiquitous as a palm tree and blends right in with both the island’s rustic landscape. As an idyllic place to unplug and explore, Kauai’s un-cooped chickens …

White Hawaiian Pineapples

Paul and Jude Huber’s Hole in the Mountain Farm is one of only three in Kaua’i to grow Sugarloaf pineapples, a heritaxge variety with a creamy white fruit that isn’t too sweet and even the core is edible.