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Four-Piece, Ceramic-Coated Cookware Set


The ceramic-coated, four-piece cookware set from Caraway inspires distinct confidence in home cooks. The non-stick surface—which is Teflon-free—proves perfectly slippery when cooking all kinds of dishes, and distributes heat evenly. Safe for …

Fellow Products

Clyde Stovetop Tea Kettle


Fellow Products’ unobtrusive Clyde kettle is easy to transport and pour thanks to a long, bent handle. Its wide-mouthed “magic” spout holds steam until the kettle is tilted to pour, allowing it to …

Smithey Ironware

Three-Piece Cast Iron Set


Nothing beats cooking with cast iron. Replacing every piece of cookware in your kitchen with ironware makes for a worthy goal. It’s easy to use, retains (and distributes) heat well and can …

Full Circle Home

The Ring Vegetable Brush


Buying fresh, farm-grown produce is one thing; preparing your bounty with appropriate utensils is another. “The Ring” from Full Circle Home is exactly that: a bamboo ring (with an opening wide enough …

Edge of Belgravia

Precision Six-Piece Knife Set


For those seeking a well-designed starter set or looking to replace some battered hand-me-downs, Edge of Belgravia’s Precision knife set meets the needs of both. The six-piece knife set includes bread, paring, …

Clip Clip Spoon


HAY’s minimalist, architecture-inspired designs continue to impress, this time with their multi-tasking Clip Clip Spoon. The clever kitchen utensil doubles up as a measuring spoon and a clip that can seal a …

Atlas 150 Pasta Maker


With over 80 years of experience, Italian homeware company Mercato knows a thing or three about pasta—and any noodle enthusiast knows that homemade iterations taste far superior to store-bought, dry versions. Not …

Nut Butter Mixer


Anybody who avoids the trans-fat saturated and sugary nut butter varieties knows the oily, separated gloop that becomes of a fancy—or just healthy—nut butter. Instead of stirring it with a knife (like …

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set


This R2-D2 figurine cleverly disassembles to reveal a full set of measuring cups and spoons to make your next meal absolutely epic.